Expo 2020 Dubai is fast approaching and many countries have released the design plans for their respective pavilions.


With it being less than two years to Dubai Expo 2020, plans are well and truly underway for this spectacular world event.

A total of 190 countries have confirmed their participation and over the last few months, different countries throughout the world have revealed the plans for their pavilion design.

In this article, we discuss the incredible pavilion designs that have been released so far.


The Swedish Pavilion plans to bring forest to the desert, through a blend of dense Nordic woodland and Islamic geometric shapes which will unite western and eastern cultures.

The pavilion will be located in the Sustainability Thematic District.  The ground floor of the pavilion will be home to public areas, cafes and exhibitions with conference rooms and offices occupying the upper floor in a tree-house style.  The enclosed spaces will also house hundreds of tree trunks, contributing to the tree-house feel.

Shade from the sun will be offered by the wooden lattice screens that the tree houses will be clad in, while a mirror-clad structure will intensify the sense of the room created by the tree trunks.

The Netherlands

The Dutch Pavilion is inspired by nature and will unite water, food and energy.  It will be home to a miniature world that connects our natural resources.  The Dutch Pavilion promises to provide an intense sensory experience to visitors.

The distinctly vertical pavilion will produce water, energy and food through sustainable technologies that will naturally control the climate.

In a bid to minimise the harmful environmental impact of transportation, the pavilion will be constructed out of locally sourced materials.  In addition, it’s interior will be occupied by rented elements that can be returned or reused for other purposes post-expo.

The Dutch Pavilion will be located in the Sustainability Thematic District and will showcase homegrown innovations that can be applied to create a more sustainable future in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.


The Brazil Pavilion is river inspired and aims to offer hydration in the desert.

The pavilion is located in the Sustainability Thematic District and will be built around a walkable ‘water blade’ in a bid to recreate the sights, sounds and scents of the country’s riverside areas.  By showcasing the benefits of multiculturalism and sustainable best practice, it will promote biodiversity, environmental preservation and competitiveness.

Inspired by the Rio Negro, the floor of the pavilion will resemble the stilt houses that are a common feature in the riverside areas of Brazil’s northern region.

The US

The US Pavilion embraces spirit of mobility and aims to bring a sense of movement to Expo 2020 Dubai in line with its theme of ‘What Moves You’.

The pavilion will be located in the Mobility Thematic District and aims to immerse visitors in innovative, showcasing technologies, with the potential to move humanity into the future.

In order to demonstrate the diverse nature of the country’s states, the pavilion will use dance music, theatre and many other cultural touchpoints.

The circular pavilion features slants that aim to project a sense of movement, giving the impression that the building is in motion.


The Polish Pavilion will use migratory birds to represent Poland’s diverse connections with the modern world.

In a bid to underline its status as a powerhouse of production, the Polish Pavilion will include thousands of paper birds in a kinetic design that will represent the seasonal migration of birds from Poland to the Arab world.  The design symbolises Poland’s cultural, commercial and social connections throughout the world.

The wooden design of the pavilion also supports the sustainability theme of Expo 2020 Dubai by making use of renewable resources to create a tree-like structure


As one of the largest pavilions, the German Pavilion aims to fuse bold ideas with state-of-the-art solutions, through cutting edge technology which will leave visitors both absorbed and educated.

The ‘Campus Germany’ concept illustrates the nation’s status as a sustainability pioneer as well as highlighting the importance of international collaboration.

The pavilion will be located in the Sustainability District and will be partially solar powered, adhering to the principles of ‘Energiewende’ which is Germany’s attempt to switch to clean energy sources.

Each visitor to the pavilion will be equipped with a state-of-the-art intelligent assistance system which will act as invisible companions that will provide information through the different stages of the campus journey.

A pit of 155,000 black, red and gold balls to represent the colours of the German flag will be a main feature of the Campus Germany welcome hall.  Each visitor can select a ball which uncovers a sustainability-related message when the ball is placed under a scanner.

The pavilion will also have three themed areas (The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab and The Biodiversity Lab) that will enhance the pavilion’s key ideas.

Our pavilion concept has been designed to seamlessly combine exhibition and architecture, with a storyline that will grasp visitors’ interest and hold it from start to finish, inviting them to engage with the content and be actively involved in the experience” – Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic Pavilion aims to turn desert sand into fertile land with a ‘Czech Spring’ concept.

Located within the Sustainability Themed District, the pavilion presents a uniquely organic look with a striking building that features a series of fluid lines that travel around the rectangular exhibition spaces.

The intention of the pavilion is to evoke the feeling of spring which is a time when the Czech is in full bloom.  In addition, it symbolises the renowned Czech water springs, demonstrating the increasing scarcity of clean water.

Czech’s involvement in Expo 2020 Dubai will showcase its innovative Solar Air Water Earth Resource system.  The S.A.W.E.R. system uses solar energy to collect water from air, that can be used to produce algae that enables the growth of grass, herbs and crops in desert sand.

During Expo, Czech scientists plan to use the technology to grow olive and palm trees in the UAE’s desert.

New Zealand

The New Zealand Pavilion is inspired by waka taonga and brings to life a Māori tradition of using intricate containers to protect valuable items.

Located within the Sustainability Themed District, the pavilion will promote the country’s core values of ingenuity, integrity and Kaitakitanga which is a Māori term for guardianship.  In addition, the pavilion will reflect New Zealand’s focus on renewable energy and protecting the planet.


The Oman Pavilion is Frankincense inspired and through its healing, connecting and unifying power aims to enliven the scenes at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The pavilion will bring the Sultanate’s story of national progress to life.  The design of the pavilion is inspired by Boswellia sacra, the tree which harvests the precious resin.  The structure implies that it is protecting life with its asymmetrical flowing form that represents the tree’s low branches which provide shade.

Visitors to the pavilion will experience five zones; transportation, knowledge, manufacturing, sustainability and exploration, demonstrating how frankincense contributed to the development of Oman.

The pavilion is located in the Mobility Thematic District and is designed to connect minds across space and time, through a combination of high-impact moments and subtle interactive experiences.


The Austrian Pavilion explores historical solutions to sustainable construction through the use of a 9,000-year-old building material which will be made out of sand, silt and clay.

The exterior of the pavilion will consist of approximately 60 interlaced cones of varying heights, created from a compostable soil.  Natural ventilation will be encouraged through the positioning of the cones, eliminating the need for mechanical air conditioning.

Located within the Opportunity Thematic District, the theme of the pavilion is, ‘every good idea begins with the right question’.  The theme will be demonstrated through an interactive exhibition, with an innovation lab and a series of temporary exhibitions and installations.

The pavilion highlights the country’s ambition to create fresh dialogue for solving the challenges of the modern day, underlying the nation’s status as a powerhouse of innovation.

The UK  

The United Kingdom’s Pavilion is a demonstration of creativity meeting cutting-edge technology, through the use of futuristic experiences that bring artificial intelligence and space together.

The pavilion design is inspired by one of the late famous scientist, Stephen Hawking’s, final projects and is intend to provide a platform for learning, fun and collaboration with others, reflecting the theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Located within the Opportunity Thematic District, the dramatic design of the structure features words and phrases that are illuminated to attract the eye of by passers.

Pavilion visitors are invited to contribute their own message to the sculpture with the aim of creating a continually changing poem connected across dozens of screens, making the pavilion a creative hub, bringing together people who share a common message.

The pavilion also demonstrates the UK’s status as a creative pioneer and visitors are guaranteed an experience that won’t be forgotten.

Many more exciting and innovative pavilion designs are expected to be revealed over the coming months.

Through its theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, and its sub-themes; Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, Expo 2020 Dubai encourages creativity, innovation and collaboration.

“The six-month event opens on 20 October, 2020 and expects to welcome 25 million visitors, with an unprecedented 70 per cent of visitors coming from outside the UAE.”


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